Future Medium is a thought leading digital agency delivering interactive websites, applications and strategies to iconic brands since 1999.

After an enormous journey under former directors Glen Johnson and Patrick Herrera, Future Medium is changing hands. Signifying this change, we are making upgrades to Future Medium; ethically and visually. We want to apply a new approach to bring you our skills for intuitive interface design and digital application development.

We have taken time to assess our current position and develop our driving ethos:

We are a driven, cohesive and honest team who dynamically delivers intuitive interfaces for digital applications. Most importantly, we do it while having fun.

Our new model has a heavy weighting to teamwork; leading strategy is our new owner and director, Zakk Goodsell, on design is our creative director, Paul Emery and taking on development is our technical director, Peter Cock.

We will be tackling anything and everything in the digital world, from websites to applications, hardware interfaces to marketing assets. If it's digital and it's useful, we want to do it!

Honest, driven, cohesive team, working in a fun and professional environment to dynamically deliver intuitive interfaces

Over the last 12 months we have conducted an internal assessment and found there are a few things we want to improve: our customer service wasn’t what we wanted it to be and we were working for the sake of working.

We want to change this; we believe we can be better, and we want you to let us know if we are achieving it (we promise not to send you hundreds of surveys every day).

If you have feedback, questions, queries, or would like us to work on a project with you, contact us! If you have no idea what we do read our blog…of course, we are active on the #socialmedia below

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